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A004: Retrieve Reference Data

Notice: This page is under review, some details may be inaccurate
If you are using the deprecated FHIR v2 endpoint, please click here.

Status: Live


This read-only API provides a pre-populated list of the requested reference data.

Resource URL

Method URL
GET {Base URL}/STU3/v1/CodeSystem/{codeSystemType}
  • {Base URL} (Dev1) =

Structure Definition


Prerequisite Conditions

  • A valid session token


Accepted values for {codeSystemType}:

CodeSystemID Description
SPECIALTY Specialties as defined in e-RS
CLINIC-TYPE Clinic types as defined in e-RS
APPOINTMENT-CANCELLATION-REASON Reason codes used by e-RS for an appointment cancellation

Request Operation: Header

Field Name Value
XAPI_ASID The “Accredited System ID” issued to the third party
HTTP_X_SESSION_KEY The session key generated by the Authentication and Authorisation APIs

Example URIs


Example Request Header

"XAPI_ASID" : "999000000045",
"HTTP_X_SESSION_KEY" : "pro-api-session:55807c65-d0ca-4a0b-9d97-25b1b8009742"


Response: Success

If successful, the response code 200 (OK) is returned with the FHIR resource eRS-Specialty-CodeSystem-1, including the requested coding system with its available codes.

Example Response Header

"X_ERS_TRANSACTION_ID" : "4fbc1d66-7129-4a8f-9cec-8ad04e44854c-1",
"Content-Type" : "application/fhir+json"

Example Response Body

Note: These examples may contain environment specific URLs and test data, these should be replaced with appropriate values for your implementation.

Response: Failure

If an error occurs, the relating HTTP status code will be returned in the header.

Where status code 422 (Unprocessable Entity) is returned then an eRS-OperationOutcome-1 will be included in the body, as detailed below:

| OutcomeKey | Description | Suggested Diagnostic | | ———- | ———– | ——————– |

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