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Endpoint Catalogue

Catalogue of all currently available external e-Referral API endpoints
ID Name Method URL Status FHIR
A002 Professional Session Select Role PUT /ProfessionalSession/{sessionKey} Live N/A
A001 Create Professional Session POST /ProfessionalSession Live N/A
A003 Delete Professional Session DELETE /ProfessionalSession/{sessionKey} Live N/A
A004 Retrieve Reference Data GET /ValueSet/{valueSetId} Live Model
A005 Retrieve Referral GET /ReferralRequest/{id} Live Model
A006 Retrieve Attachment GET /Binary/{AttachmentLogicalID} Live N/A
A007 Retrieve Clinical Information GET /Binary/$ers.generateCRI Live Model
A008 Retrieve Worklist GET /ReferralRequest/$ers.fetchworklist Live Model
A009 Directory of Services Search POST /HealthcareService/$dos.serviceSearch Alpha TBC
A010 Patient Service Search POST /HealthcareService/$patient.serviceSearch Beta Model
A011 Create Referral POST /CreateReferral Beta Model
A012 Maintain Referral Letter POST /ReferralRequest/{UBRN}/$ers.uploadReferralLetter Beta Model
A013 Accept Referral POST /ReferralRequest/{UBRN}/$ers.accept Alpha TBC
A014 Reject Referral POST /ReferralRequest/{UBRN}/$ers.reject Alpha TBC
A015 Retrieve Appointment Slots POST /Slot/$ers.searchAppointmentSlots Alpha TBC
A016 Book Appointment POST /ReferralRequest/{UBRN}/$ers.bookdirect Alpha TBC
A017 Defer Booking to Provider POST /ReferralRequest/{UBRN}/$ers.deferBooking Alpha TBC
A018 Re-book Appointment POST /ReferralRequest/{UBRN}/$ers.deferBooking Alpha TBC
A019 Generate Patient Letter POST /ReferralRequest/{UBRN}/$ers.generatePatientLetter Beta Model
A020 Upload File To Document Store POST /Binary Beta N/A

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