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Endpoint Catalogue

Catalogue of all currently available external NHS e-Referral Service (e-RS) API endpoints

Live FHIR v3 APIs

ID Name Endpoint URL Status
A001 Create Professional Session POST: /v1/ProfessionalSession Live
A002 Professional Session Select Role PUT: /v1/ProfessionalSession/{sessionKey} Live
A003 Delete Professional Session DELETE: /v1/ProfessionalSession/{sessionKey} Live
A004 Retrieve Reference Data GET: /STU3/v1/CodeSystem/{CodeSystemID} Live
A005 Retrieve Referral GET: /STU3/v1/ReferralRequest/{id} Live
A006 Retrieve Attachment GET: /STU3/v1/Binary/{AttachmentLogicalID} Live
A007 Retrieve Clinical Information GET: /STU3/v1/ReferralRequest/{ubrn}/$ers.generateCRI Live
Retrieve Worklist POST: /STU3/v1/ReferralRequest/$ers.fetchworklist Live
A010 Patient Service Search POST: STU3/v1/HealthcareService/$ers.searchHealthcareServicesForPatient Live
A011 Create Referral POST: STU3/v1/ReferralRequest/$ers.createReferral Live
Maintain Referral Letter POST: STU3/v1/ReferralRequest/{ubrn}/$ers.maintainReferralLetter Live
A013 Accept Referral POST: /STU3/v1/ReferralRequest/{ubrn}/$ers.acceptReferral Live
A014 Reject Referral POST: /STU3/v1/ReferralRequest/{ubrn}/$ers.rejectReferral Live
A015 Retrieve Appointment Slots GET: /STU3/v1/Slot Live
A016 Book or Defer Appointment POST: /STU3/v1/Appointment Live
A019 Generate Patient Letter POST: /STU3/v1/ReferralRequest/{ubrn}/$ers.generatePatientLetter Live
A020 Upload File To Document Store POST: /STU3/v1/Binary Live
A021 Create Referral And Send For Triage POST: /STU3/v1/ReferralRequest/$ers.createReferralAndSendForTriage Live
A022 Cancel Appointment, Action Later POST: /STU3/v1/ReferralRequest/{ubrn}/$ers.CancelAppointmentActionLater Live
Retrieve Advice and Guidance Requests Worklist GET: /STU3/v1/CommunicationRequest/$ers.fetchworklist Live
Retrieve Advice and Guidance Request Summary GET: /STU3/v1/CommunicationRequest/ Live
Retrieve Advice and Guidance Conversation GET: /STU3/v1/Communication?[parameters] Live
Send Advice and Guidance Response POST: /STU3/v1/CommunicationRequest/{ubrn}/$ers.sendCommunicationToRequester Live
Convert Advice and Guidance Request to Referral POST: /STU3/v1/ReferralRequest/$ers.createFromCommunicationRequestActionLater Live

FHIR v2 APIs (Deprecated)

ID Name Status Retirement Date
A004 Retrieve Reference Data (DSTU2) Deprecated TBC
A005 Retrieve Referral (DSTU2) Deprecated TBC
A006 Retrieve Attachment (DSTU2) Deprecated TBC
A007 Retrieve Clinical Information (DSTU2) Deprecated TBC
A008 Retrieve Worklist (DSTU2) Deprecated TBC

APIs In Development

ID Name Expected release FHIR Version
A0xx Retrieve Worklist Q2 2021 STU3
A0xx Record Triage Outcome (Accept/Reject for RAS referrals) Q2 2021 STU3

Retired APIs

ID Name Status Retirement Date Notes
A009 Generic Service Search (Alpha) Retired OCT 2019 Experimental API, not progressed to production
A017 Defer Appointment (Alpha) Retired DEC 2020 This functionality has been incorporated into A016: Book or Defer Appointment
A018 Re-book Appointment (Alpha) Retired JUN 2020 Prototype API shelved for future development as required

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