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Audit Logs

Summary of audit logging requirements

Audit logging

Ensure local audit logs are maintained for Subject Access Requests as per the table below, it is recommended that audit logs are held for a minimum of 3 months to assist with incident triage.

All mandatory fields must be adhered.

Field Name Field Type Mandatory Example Comments
Unique Identifier bigint Y 1686289  
Event Type character Y GET/POST/PUT/DELETE  
Audit Type character Y API Establish Session,
API Professional login attempt,
API Retrieve Reference Data,
API Retrieve Request List,
API Retrieve Request Summary,
API Retrieve Clinical Information,
API Retrieve Clinical Attachment,
API Close Session
Resource Type character N Worklist,
Referral Request,
Appointment Request,
Clinical Attachment
Event Date & Time timestamp without time zone Y 2018-04-25 15:57:05.745 Format:
yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss.SSS
All dates must be stored in UTC
UUID character Y 123456789012 12 digit Unique User Identifier of the smartcard
OBO UUID character Y 123456789014 On Behalf Of UUID
UBRN character Y 000049614844 Unique Booking Reference Number
NHS Number character Y 9462640300  
Session ID character Y pro-xapi-session_38dbf5e1-c145-475f-bdbc-f71bbb167e38  
Org Name character Y Leeds Teaching Hospital Organisation Name
User Business Function character Y SERVICE_PROVIDER_CLINICIAN B0247, B0001
ASID character Y 200000000200 Acrredited System Identifier
FQDN character Y Fully Qualified Domain Name
Attachment ID character N 26928  
Attachment Type character N .JPEG, .DOC  
File Name character N TEXT.TXT, JPEG.JPG  

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