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Receiving and Reviewing e-Referrals for Service Providers

How to receive e-referrals into other systems using the e-RS integration APIs


This page describes the functionality available for receiving e-referrals into other software systems including how to retrieve the “Referrals for Review” worklist, the Clinical Referral Information (CRI) and any referral attachments (Sometimes known as “The referral letter”) from the NHS e-Referral Service (e-RS). Further APIs also allow sending the result of a clinical review back to e-RS (i.e. Accept or Reject). These APIs have been developed in accordance with the FHIR STU3 specification, guidance for developers is available online here.

Process Diagram

Receiving Referrals

The following APIs are used to receive e-referrals from e-RS

Authentication and Authorisation

Reference Data

Clinical Referral Information

Clinical Review

Advice & Guidance NEW

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