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A003: Delete Professional Session

Status: Live


Closes the Professional Session. Used to delete a Professional Session after it has been created using A001 & A002. Once deleted the associate Session ID will become invalid.

NOTE: The connected system MUST NOT close any of its sessions until it has finished using them, i.e. it must not close a session until all previous calls authorised by that session have returned.

Resource URL

Method URL Authentication
DELETE {Base URL}/v1/ProfessionalSession/{sessionKey} Session Token (Details)
  • {Base URL} (Dev1) =


Request Operation: Header

Field Name Value
XAPI_ASID The “Accredited System ID” issued to the third party
HTTP_X_SESSION_KEY The session key generated by the Create Session endpoint (A001)

Example Request Header



Response: Success

If successful the response code 204 (No Content) is returned. This response has no body.


Consuming applications must have a valid session in order to access this endpoint. A session is initially created using the A001 – Create Professional Session and A002 – Professional Session Select Role endpoints.

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