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Interoperability and Integration

Care Connect API

Introduction The Care Connect API is an API definition based on the Care Connect profiles as curated and published by […]

CIAO: Care Integration and Orchestration

ciao is a free open source software platform that allows care ICT systems to route, transform and work flow information between themselves and national care services

Clinical Documents

FHIR Profiles for the exchange of clinical documents. Document Header End of Life Care Document Social Care

Clinical Documents (CDA)

Transfer of Care (NB: Deprecated but kept for historical reference.) Generic Headings Social Care Integration

Demographic Update Event Messages

Demographic Update Event Messages are intended to provide updates made to demographic information held by the Personal Demographics Service (PDS). […]

Digital Child Health

Digital Child Health event messages contain information meaningful to those managing the personal health of themselves or their families, those […]

EPS Tracker

EPS Tracker Access to non-confidential metadata for electronic prescriptions managed through the national Electronic Prescription Service.

Events Management Service

Information required to build and send event messages to the Events Management Service (EMS), for example the National Failsafe Alert […]