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Connecting to PDS via SMSP

Overview of the connection process and how to register your interest or make a request


The high level steps involved in connecting to PDS via SMSP are illustrated in the diagram below. The steps are slightly different for the End User (deploying) organisation and Supplier (developer of the SMS Client). The Supplier is responsible for supporting the End User organisation throughout the process. Full details are provided throughout this site in sections (Stages 1-6) that correspond with the diagram.

How do I request access to PDS via SMSP?

In the first instance, Suppliers and End User organisations are advised to review the information provided on this site, to decide if SMSP for PDS is appropriate for you.

When you wish to connect, you should telephone or send an email to the NHS Digital Contact Centre on 0300 303 5678 or and they will provide you with a request form for you to complete. This will trigger the appropriate next steps, based on your circumstances and requirements.