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HTTP Headers

HTTP Response Headers

Details of the API codes used in the responses.

2xx http Success

200 OK – Successful Operation


4xx http Client Errors

400 Bad Request

Failing to send a required query parameter will result in a 400 Bad Response request.

401 Unauthorised

Requesting the secure endpoint (non-open) without valid credentials will result in a 401 Unauthorized response.

403 Forbidden

Requesting data from an unknown instance or an instance where the application is not authorized will result in a 403 Forbidden response.

404 Not Found

Requesting a resource which does not exist will result in a 404 Not Found response.

406 Not Acceptable

Requested a media type other than JSON will result in a 406 Not Acceptable response.

LastChangeDate exceeding 185 less than the current date will result in a 406 Not Acceptable response.



REST Client Headers

The HTTP Client (such as Postman) Headers provide the required url/queries to allow users to page through results, given the 1,000 record limit per display. For example, the below shows a query to return all GP Practices (Non Primary Role ID of RO76).  This query returns 8,377 records, with the maximum 1,000 record limit on the display.  The Postman Header details the ‘total count’ and ‘returned records’ but then also provides the ‘next page’ url/query:-

Once the ‘next page’ url is queried and the next page of results returned, the Header will display the url for the ‘previous page’ as well as the ‘next page’, allowing users to tab through all 8,377 results.