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Stage 4: Test and Assurance

Functional and integration testing to complete development of a conformant SMS Client along with completion of Phase 1b and 2 of the TOM (Technical Conformance approval and End User approval)

SMS Client Assurance Overview

As described in the overview of the NHS Digital compliance process, if a Supplier does not already have a conformant product (SMS Client), Technical Conformance approval must be obtained by providing technical information and test evidence. If the Client is to be deployed, the End User must also approve and accept the developed Client.

The completion of the Technical Conformance approval process requires the Supplier to provide evidence of the developed SMS Client in line with the web service interface requirements, generic interoperability (ITK) requirements and the specific SMS Client requirements.

Full Technical Conformance approval is achieved by completing the following assurance steps (described here), resulting in the SMS Client being awarded a status of ‘technically conformant’ and an ITK Conformance Certificate being issued:

  • Functional testing
  • TOM sections for Phase 1b Technical Conformance (completed by Supplier and reviewed by NHS Digital)
  • ITK Certification requirements (including completion of the Supplier Certified Requirements spreadsheet by the Supplier)

Important note: The certificate issued is for the specific version of the product tested and is only applicable for that version. Any changes or upgrades to the conformant product will require resubmission as per the ITK Conformance process.  A separate certificate will be issued for each version.

When the certificate is issued, the Supplier will be asked to provide details for the NHS Digital web hosted ITK Conformance Catalogue which is a list of conformant products, with links to the company websites of the Supplier of those products.

Once the ITK Conformance Certificate has been granted, the Supplier will be asked to seek End User approval of the developed Client and readiness to accept the Service.  This is achieved by the End User organisation reviewing the completed TOM and inserting a signature in the TOM.  Signature of the TOM then leads to NHS Digital issuing the relevant agreements to the Supplier and End User organisation.