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Care Connect API

By NHS Digital | January 2018


The Care Connect API is an API definition based on the Care Connect profiles as curated and published by INTEROPen.

The current scope of the development was to create an API that can be used in a “point-to-point” fashion so as to allow read-only access to clinical data within care systems. The API has been developed as a RESTful API using the HL7 FHIR standard (STU3 version).

The content scope of the API includes the following information:

  • Patient
  • Allergies
  • Procedures
  • Problems
  • Observations
  • Encounters
  • Medications
  • Immunizations

Implementation Guide

The API Implementation guide is a rich source of information for both describing the Care Connect API and for help in implementation approaches. It can be viewed here at

The implementation guide is created in a public GitHub repository at Feedback on the implementation guide can either by email direct to or using the GitHub issues feature.

Reference Implementation

To demonstrate the functionality of the Care Connect API and assist the development community with the implementing the API a reference implementation of the API has been created. The reference implementation is based on the FHIR HAPI project as an open source project. The project is published as a set of Docker images so as to allow easier local deployment.

NHS Digital is hosting two instances of the reference implementation. These can be accessed via the internet and do not require an N3 network.

  • Main/Stable Release environment –
  • Development environment –

A secured version of the reference implementation is available by changing ‘http’ to ‘https’ on the endpoints. If you access the secure side you need to get a token generated first. Instructions are in the implementation guide in the security section.


  • Enhancements to leverage the Spine Security Proxy
  • Enhancements to add a “get record” retrieval method
  • Enhancements to align resource profiles to revised INTEROPen Care Connect profiles