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Slot | Urgent & Emergency Care Appointments

A Slot into which an Appointment can be booked.


This resource is fundamental to the Appointment Booking process, it represents time allocations determined by a Provider organisation which are made available to Consumers. For more clarification see the diagram on the FHIR Resources overview page.

Slots are returned following a search for free Slots. The slot is linked to other resources through a referenced Schedule resource.

References to FHIR Profiles

Key FHIR Elements

The following FHIR elements are key to this implementation :

Element Cardinality Description Example(s)
id [1..1] An id which uniquely identifies this Slot. 1db79eb3-72f8-4569-a8dc-af8759797e0f
status [1..1] The current status of the Slot. One of busy | free
start [1..1] The start time of this Slot in FHIR instant format (ISO 8601). 2019-01-17T15:00:00.000Z  
end [1..1] The end time of this Slot in FHIR instant format (ISO 8601). 2019-01-17T15:30:00.000Z  
Schedule [1..1] Identifies the Schedule, which links the Slot to a HealthcareService, and optionally to a Practitioner and PractitionerRole. { "reference": "Schedule/0dbff4a3-fa40-4f9f-93fe-412c2a6c967e" }

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