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Healthcare Service | Urgent & Emergency Care Appointments

A Healthcare Service delivered by an Organisation at a Location which provides a number of Schedules containing Slots in Appointment booking.


This resource is optionally returned linked to a Schedule resource which provides one or more Slots. For more clarification see the diagram on the FHIR Resources overview page.

The is a key search field used when searching for Slots. is used to discriminate between multiple clinical services which may be administered by one organisation, using one instance of a system. This allows the search to specify a detailed clinical service which has been located in the DoS following a clinical assessment.

References to FHIR Profiles

Key FHIR Elements

The following FHIR elements are key to this implementation :

Element Cardinality Description Example(s)
id [1..1] An id which has been retrieved from the DoS, this value is also the ASID of the Service, issued to the service when it is approved to go live by NHS Digital. This id will be the link to this resource from any Schedules. 1231231234
providedBy [0..1] An optional reference to the Organisation which delivers this service { "reference": "" }
location [0..1] An optional reference to a Location resource, which describes where the service is. NB: The ‘user friendly’ location of the service will already have been determined from the DoS when selecting this service, so this Location is far less important { "reference": "/Location/1237654" }

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