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DocumentReference | Urgent & Emergency Care Appointments

A DocumentReference which is used to point to a Document that contains information supporting an Appointment.


This resource is contained within the Appointment, it is also described in the description of the Appointment resource.

References to FHIR Profiles

A contained DocumentReference resource which conforms to CareConnect-DocumentReference-1 profile. This resource is referenced in the appointment’s supportingInformation element, it describes the type and identifier(s) of any supporting information, for example a CDA document which is transferred separately.

The DocumentReference resource MUST include the following data items:

Key FHIR Elements

Name Value Description
id Any Any identifier, used to reference the resource from the supportingInformation element in the containing Appointment resource.
identifier see below Identifies the supporting information (e.g. CDA document).
identifier.system Indicates that the associated value is a UUID.
identifier.value [UUID] The UUID of the associated document.
status “current” Indicates that the associated document is current. No other value is expected.
type A value from Indicates the type of document.
content see below Describes the actual document.
content.attachment Describes the actual document.  
content.attachment.contentType A valid mime type Indicates the mime type of the document.
content.attachment.language en States that the document is in English.

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