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Explore and Make use of Nationally Defined Messaging APIs


Release Notes

1.0.4-alpha Released: 24-06-2019

  • Added missing resources.
  • Added overall sequence diagram and more detailed process steps.
  • Added concept of the registry.
  • Cleaned out some redundant files.
  • Added validated example resources.
  • Added links to demonstrator, validator and JWT utilities.
  • Added references to versioning of Appointment resources.

1.0.3-alpha Released: 05-12-2018

  • Clarified Search for free slots text and added RESTful parameter query
  • Added DocumentRefeerence resource for attaching CDA documents to Appointments
  • DocumentReference resource added to the example in Book an Appointment

1.0.2-alpha Released: 01-11-2018

Changes made in response to the wider team review including business analysts/technical arcitects.

  • Overview diagram updated with cardinality changes
  • Search for free slots diagram UI mock up refined
  • Search for free slots information updated
  • Book an appointment information updated
  • Tags removed sitewide
  • Profile pages re-formatted with broken links/numbering fixed

1.0.1-experimental Released: 25-09-2018

Changes made in response to the internal team review.

  • Flow diagram changed to represent data flow accurately, cardinality updated
  • Email feedback removed
  • Top navigation links removed
  • Profile pages fixed to point to correct FHIR profiles
  • Sidebar menu “FHIR” wording removed
  • Overview FHIR Profiles page, added clearer defnition of the process
  • FHIR profile pages, added FHIR elements detailed descriptions
  • Warning banner text updated
  • FAQ section edited


Early development phase, to define the requirements against FHIR profiles.

All content is available under the Open Government Licence v3.0, except where otherwise stated