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Resources Overview

This page provides an overview of the FHIR STU3 Resources that are required to build the required API messaging. Each link will take you to the resource page detail with a link to the StructureDefinitions of each resource.


  • The “disposition” from the patient interaction (NHS111 call etc) determines the urgency (giving the time constraints).
  • The DoS (Directory of Services) will have been searched and an appropriate service for the Patient selected.
  • Where the selected service offers appointment Booking, it will include an ASID value.
  • The ASID is used to locate the FHIR endpoint to be queried.
  • A FHIR RESTful Search request is sent to the FHIR endpoint for Slots that meet the time constraints, the ASID is passed as a constraint on the HealthcareService ID.
  • The specified HealthcareService may run zero to many Schedules.
  • Each Schedule may contain zero to many Slots.
  • The Slots are filtered using the Time constraints before being returned in a searchset Bundle.

Appointment structure

  • The Appointment resource is POSTed to the FHIR endpoint in a FHIR RESTful Create.
  • The Appointment resource refers to a Slot retrieved above.
  • The Appointment resource contains a Patient resource.
  • The Appointment resource contains a DocumentReference resource.

Resource Description Profile
Appointment The appointment that is booked, linking a specific Patient into a specific Slot CareConnect-Appointment-1
Slot A free time period, into which an appointment with a specific Patient can be booked CareConnect-Slot-1
Schedule A grouping of Slots, used to link them to the HealthcareService which the slots are provided as part of CareConnect-Schedule-1
Practitioner A Practitioner which may optionally be assigned to deliver a given Schedule CareConnect-Practitioner-1
PractitionerRole A PractitionerRole which may optionally be assigned to the delivery of a given Schedule CareConnect-PractitionerRole-1
HealthcareService A HealthcareService which has been selected from the DoS, and delivers one or more Schedules CareConnect-HealthcareService-1
Organization An Organisation which delivers one or more HealthcareServices CareConnect-Organization-1
Location A Location at which an Organisation delivers one or more HealthcareServices CareConnect-Location-1
Patient A Patient for whom an appointment is being booked CareConnect-Patient-1
DocumentReference A DocumentReference which points to a document which gives information supporting the Appointment CareConnect-DocumentReference-1

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