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Introduction to FHIR NHS Scheduling API

A brief introduction to getting started with the FHIR NHS Scheduling API.


This API was previously called “FHIR-A2SI-APPOINTMENTS-API”, it has been renamed to make it more closely reflect the purpose.

In Scope

The initial scope is to book from NHS111 services into UTC services, however an attempt has been made to avoid constraints which limit the applicability of this specification. The specifics of this use case are detailed more fully here.

Out of Scope

This specification does not cover the transfer of the supporting information (currently a CDA) which describes the Patient’s journey prior to the appointment.

FHIR Profiles: NHS Scheduling FHIR Profiles
How to Search for a free slot: Search free slots
How to Book an Appointment: Book an Appointment


A full list of Glossary terms used by NHS Projects can be found at the NHS Developer Network - Glossary.

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