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Foundation | Capability Statement

A value set specifies a set of codes drawn from one or more code systems.

0. References

1. Read

The /metadata path on the root of the FHIR server will return the Capability statement for the FHIR server:

Alternatively, a HTTP OPTIONS request against the root of the FHIR server will also return the capability profile:

NOTE: There are a number of Spine FHIR endpoint URLs, some of which may service more than one API domain. For example, the main Spine Clinicals FHIR endoint is likely to service requests for Reasonable Adjustments as well as for NRLS. In these cases, the CapabilityStatement resource for the endpoint will include the capabilities of both these API domains to give the client the full set of resources and operations supported.

2. Example

2.1 Request Query

Retrieve the Capability statement from the FHIR Server, the format of the response body will be xml. Replace ‘baseUrl’ with the actual base Url of the FHIR Server.

2.1.1. cURL

curl -X GET -H 'Accept: application/xml+fhir' -H 'Authorization: Bearer [token]' -v ''

2.2 Response Body


2.3 C#

var client = new FhirClient("http://[fhir_base]/");
client.PreferredFormat = ResourceFormat.Json;
var resource = client.CapabilityStatement();

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