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Introduction to FHIR® Reasonable Adjustments API

A brief introduction to getting started with the FHIR® Reasonable Adjustments API


The FHIR® Reasonable Adjustments API has been developed by NHS Digital. The API aims to better support the delivery of care by opening up nationally stored information and data about Reasonable Adjustments that patients want to share with healthcare professionals.

The vision is to create a library of nationally defined HL7® FHIR® resources and interaction patterns that implementers can adopt to simplify integration and interoperability within UK health and social care.

Using this guide

This guide has been created to support the adoption of the FHIR® Reasonable Adjustments API profiles and FHIR resources. As such the site is structured around stakeholders including API users, developers and architects, who have an interest in implementing the FHIR® Reasonable Adjustments API.

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