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Explore and Make use of Nationally Defined Messaging APIs


Resources Overview

Overview of the Resources section

1. Pre-Requisites

The general policies on the use and implementation of national FHIR APIs MUST be followed.

2. Resource API Structure

The FHIR Resources described in the Explore section of this implementation guide have been structured consistently in the following way:

  • 0. References
  • 1. Read
  • 2. Search Parameters
  • 3. Example

2.1 Resource API Structure Details

General Description
0. References Links to other parts of the implementation guide which might help with context and understanding the API's described
1. Read A description of how to get the API
2. Search Parameters List of search parameters for the profile being described, including any tips for searching. This section shows examples of how to search using the provided search parameters
3. Example Description of of the Request & Response headers, example of how to search on a server and the expected response body as an example

3. Resource API’s

This section looks at the common Spine FHIR Resources covered within this implementation guide. Most FHIR resources are specific to the API domain, so will be described in the relevant API specification, but the below are common across all Spine Core APIs:

Conformance Other  
Capability Statement Spine-OperationOutcome  
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