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Explore and Make use of Nationally Defined Messaging APIs


The Journey

The journey outlines the approach to developing FHIR ITK3 Messaging Solutions and the journey taken to define and mature the ITK3 Messaging Solution.

The Journey shows the approach to the development of FHIR ITK3 Messaging Solutions using NHS Digital message Profiles from initial engagement all the way to live deployment.

The diagram below shows the stages in the message development process and the possible products associated with each stage.

Messaging overview Engage Engage Engage Explore Explore Explore Rectangle.11 Implementation Guide Resource Profiles Interactions Messages ... ·Implementation Guide·Resource Profiles·Interactions·Messages·Message Patterns·Acknowledgements·Resource Relationships·Workflow·Value sets·Data sets Design & Build Design & Build Design & Build Rectangle.12 Build Messaging Solutions Code Examples Validation Tools ·Build Messaging Solutions·Code·Examples·Validation Tools Test Test Test Rectangle.13 Test Data Reference Servers Example Data ·Test Data·Reference Servers·Example Data Assure Assure Assure Rectangle.14 Automated Tests Test Reports Test Evidence Conformance Report... ·Automated Tests·Test Reports·Test Evidence·Conformance Reports·Assurance Checklist Deploy(Pilot) Deploy(Pilot) Deploy(Pilot) Rectangle.10 Messaging Harness Warranted Environment IG / IS MESH ·Messaging Harness·Warranted Environment·IG / IS·MESH Deploy(Live) Deploy(Live) Deploy(Live) Rectangle.15 Registry Monitor Support Conformance Statement Extensions ·Registry·Monitor·Support·Conformance Statement·Extensions Rectangle.1 Clinical Scenarios User stories Case Studies Benefits Clinica... ·Clinical Scenarios·User stories·Case Studies·Benefits·Clinical Inspiration

The above steps outline a complete ITK3 Messaging Solution journey.


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