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Message Definitions Overview Page Overview of the Message Definitions section
Development Roadmap Page ITK3 Messaging Distribution roadmap outlines the development schedule for the RESTful APIs.
FHIR Document Sender and Receiver Requirements Page Sender and Receiver requirements for ITK3 FHIR documents.
FHIR Messages Sender and Receiver Requirements Page Sender and Receiver requirements for ITK3 Messages.
Bundle Examples Page Examples of the bundles used in ITK3
Overview Page Overview of ITK3 bundles
Bundle Referencing Page Referencing within ITK3 bundles
Bundle Types Page The types of bundles used in ITK3
Conformance Page NHS Digital can provide conformance certification for sending and receiving systems processing FHIR Documents.
Document General Requirements Page There are a number of features associated with a document: i) the ability to view documents, ii) the need to acknowledge receipt of a document(s), iii) versi...
Handling Attachments Page Embedded binary objects (files) can be included in a Document. When present the system must be able to detect them, and should inform the user of their pres...
Handling Specification Page The ITK3 Handling Specification Usage.
ITK3 Response Message Definition Page ITK3 Response Message Definition
ITK3 Message Responses Page This section defines the response codes to be used by sending and receiving systems, e.g. the response codes include i) an inability to validate a message, i...
Message Definitions Page ITK3 Messaging Distribution Message Definitions
Messaging Versioning Page An overview of how messages and Profiles are versioned.
FHIR Receiver Requirements Page Architectural Layers ensures that fault handling is handled in line with the layer that the fault occurs. This means that fault processing can halt and repor...
Resource referencing Page Resource referencing explained.
ITK3 Response Codes Page Response codes for ITK3 messaging
ITK3 Response Examples Page Response code examples.
ITK3 Full Acknowledgement Response Pattern Page Full Acknowledgement response pattern used in ITK3.
ITK3 Technical and Business Response Pattern Page Technical and Business response pattern used in ITK3.
ITK3 Technical Only Response Pattern Page Technical Only response pattern used in ITK3.
ITK3 Fire and Forget Response Pattern Page Fire and forget response pattern used in ITK3.
ITK3 Response Patterns Overview Page Response Patterns used in ITK3.
ITK3 Response Codes Page Response codes, their associated FHIR elements and value sets.
Sender and Receiver Requirements Overview Page Overview of sender and receiver requirements for ITK3 payloads.
Send Payload Message Definition Page Send Payload Message Definition
FHIR Document Sender Requirements Page A Sender needs to be aware of a number of constraints associated with sending documents, generally considered in two categories, payload constraints and a pa...
Message Header and Structure Definition - Versioning and Compatibility Page This section defines how versions at both MessageHeader level and StructureDefinition are implemented in ITK3.
MESH Page Links to MESH documentation.
Messaging Architecture Overview Page Overview of the Messaging Architecture section
Work flow Page Overview of work flow.

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