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ITK3 Message Responses

This section defines the response codes to be used by sending and receiving systems, e.g. the response codes include i) an inability to validate a message, ii) clinical level failure, iii) an inability to process a message etc. There will only be a maximum of 2 Message Responses, each containing a maximum of one Response Code.

ITK3 Message Processing

The following requirements relate to all Message Response processing.

ID Description Sender Receiver
FHIR-BA-01 All received Message Responses SHOULD be appropriately logged and notified to local administrators. N Y
ID Description Sender Receiver
FHIR-BA-02 Values or text placed into Message Responses described in the table below MUST NOT contain any patient identifiable information. Y N

ITK3 Response Codes

There is only one set of response codes used for all ITK3 FHIR Document implementations.

For details of the response code usage see the section on response codes.

ITK3 Message Responses - Behavioural

In order to provide comprehensive reporting for the Message Header, (note the Handling Specification is an extension to the Message Header), independently of the transport mechanism used (MESH, SOAP other), a response code vocabulary has been developed.

This section of the requirements only applies to the response codes associated with behavioural extensions created for ITK3 FHIR Messaging.

The approach defines response codes for:

  • Mismatch, e.g. payload ID and payload type.
  • Bus Response problem, e.g. “server” can’t supply a business response.
  • Inf Response problem, e.g. “server” can’t supply an infrastructure response.
  • Null and/or missing handling specification components where the message specification indicates they are mandatory.

The response code vocabulary is provided with standardised numbers to uniquely identify any reporting matter in a structured and unambiguous manner.

The minimum requirement for Handling Specification Processing

The minimum requirement for communicating Handling Specification processing matters are:

ID Description Sender Receiver
RC-HS-01 Implementations MUST be able to handle the Response Codes defined as MUST here Y Y

Elaborated Requirements for Managing Handling Specification Components

The following requirements aim to enhance reporting and pinpoint areas of Handling Specification component processing:

ID Description Client Host
RC-HS-02 Implementations SHOULD be able to handle the Response Codes defined as SHOULD here Y Y

Report Codes and the OperationOutcome Resource

The Handling Specification report codes will be delivered like any other Message Header report – and will therefore use a Message Response with an embedded OperationOutcome Resource.

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