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Explore and Make use of Nationally Defined Messaging APIs



The Access page shows developers and users of the ITK3 Messaging Solutions what is involved in providing an ITK3 Messaging Solution

How to provide an ITK3 Messaging Solution

The following diagram explains the elements of the ITK3 Messaging Solution ITK3 Components allowing the development of the complete ITK3 Messaging Solution:

Page-1 Sheet.10 Circle.3 Circle.2 Rectangle Key: Key: Circle.16 Circle.17 Circle.18 Rectangle.19 Provided Provided Rectangle.20 Explained Explained Rectangle.21 Local Decision Local Decision ITK3 Messaging Solution ITK3 Messaging Solution MessagingSolution Endpoint Endpoint Endpoint Transform Transform Transform Traffic Management Traffic Management TrafficManagement Versioning Versioning Versioning Engage Engage Engage ITK3 Messaging Solution Documentation ITK3 Messaging Solution Documentation MessagingSolutionDocumentation Report & Monitor Report & Monitor Report & Monitor Patterns / Topology Patterns / Topology Patterns / Topology Access Access Access Security Security Security
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