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Explore and Make use of Nationally Defined Messaging APIs


Environments Overview

An overview of the DoS environments, and how they should be used


There are a number of environments available, some of which are available for general use in order to allow API and application testing:

  • Live - The production environment for use only by assured prescribing systems
  • Pre-production - Used for interanl non-functional testing of both API and applications
  • Production User Testing - Used for end to end application integration and user testing
  • UAT - Used to support user acceptance testing of new releases before they are deployed to the Live environment - these will be made available

Other environments created to support specific testing may be used but may only be available over a fixed time period.

Environment Details

This section provides details of the generally available environments. Other environments created to support specific testing may be used.

All environments require https.


Item Description
DNS Name for UI users and for API users
Dataset Live
Release Latest


Item Description
DNS Name Not externally accessible
Dataset Copy of live
Release Latest or next

Production User Testing

(URL to be confirmed once available on PaaS platform)

Item Description
DNS Name
Dataset Partial copy of live
Release Latest


UAT environments will be made available as and when required and the URL will be provided

Item Description
DNS Name
Dataset Subset of live data
Release Current Release or previous release
Description Notes

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