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SOAP API – ServiceDetailsById v1.5

Details about the ServiceDetailsById SOAP method v1.5


ServiceDetailsById allows a consumer to retrieve a list of 0 or more technical endpoint records for a given service. Where there are no endpoints for the requested service, the response includes the ID and the ODS code only.

Type Description
Request A service identifier - either ServiceId or OdsCode
Returns A list of technical endpoint details (0 or more)

Once the required service ID is known, usually following a Check Capacity Summary response, this service can be called to obtain the endpoint details for the given service


Field Name Required? Type Default Value Description
username Yes string N/A DoS account user name
password Yes string N/A DoS password
serviceId Yes int N/A DoS ID or ODS code for the required service


Field Name Type Description
order int the order in which the endpoint should be used, if more than one is provided
transport string type of address - ITK, email, phone
format string CDA, HTML, PDF etc.
interaction string  
businessScenario string Primary or Copy
address string endpoint address
comment string notes about the endpoint
compression string Y or N

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