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SOAP API Version 1.5 - Overview

An overview of the DoS SOAP API version 1.5


The SOAP API is the primary API used by NHS 111 services. It provides consumers with a curated search function, and access to technical endpoint information for services to aid with transfer of care for patients.

API Use Case

The SOAP API supports the following high-level use cases:

  • Find an appropriate list of services for a specific clinical need

  • Get technical endpoint information for a given service

  • Obtain capacity information for specified hospitals or wards

API Versions

To allow for the release of new features there may be more than one supported version of the API available. Following the release of a new API, consumers are given time to make any required changes before moving to the new version. It is possible to use different versions by passing in the required version number in the request. Where no version number is passed in, the default version is used.

Current Supported Versions


Default Version

v1.5 (from mid-June 2020)

WSDL Documentation

You can view the WSDL for the SOAP API v1.5 here: Web Service v1.5 WSDL Documentation

Web Methods

The SOAP API provides the following methods:

Method Description
CheckCapacitySummary Perform a fully-ranked (curated) clinical search to find services appropriate for a clinical need
ServiceDetailsById Retrieve technical endpoint details for a specific Service ID or ODS code
GetHospitalScores Retrieve capacity data for a specific set of hospitals

The path to the SOAP API is: where webservice is replaced with a subdomain specific to the environment you are targeting.


Type Description
Request A non-identifiable representation of a ‘clinical case’
Response A curated, ordered set of service results (valid requests will always return some results - see “Catch All Results”)


Type Description
Request A service identifier - either ServiceId or OdsCode
Response A list of technical endpoint details (0 or more)


Type Description
Request Username and password - no search parameters required
Response ODS code and Overall Pressure Score (only services profiled with a Beds or ED capacity grid)

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