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Explore and Make use of Nationally Defined Messaging APIs



The following pages and posts are tagged with

Allergy List Page Constructing an allergy list
Use of Attachments Page Use of Attachments in Digital Medicines Documents
Condition List Page Constructing a condition list
Data Mapping Page Mapping of system data to ITK3 Message and Document resources
Medication Dispense List Page Constructing a medication dispense list
Overview Page Overview of constructing clinical coded structures
Procedure List Page Constructing a procedure list
Rendering Documents Page Rendering Documents
Document Replacement Page Replacement Semantics for Transfer of Care Documents
Overview | Design & Build Page Describes components of a design & build of an ITK3 Messaging Solution using profiles described in Explore.
Build Page The Access page shows developers and users of the ITK3 Messaging Solutions what is involved in providing an ITK3 Messaging Solution
Access Page The Access page shows developers and users of the API how to access and call the API

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