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Medications and Medical Devices Section - NOW RETIRED

Gives information about the Medications and Medical Devices section

Medications and Medical Devices Section Content

The Medications and medical devices section carries information about the patient’s medication. PRSB Elements should be formatted as subheadings in any HTML sent. For more information on constructing medication lists see constructing clinical coded structures.

Data Item Description Cardinality Values Mandatory/required/optional FHIR Target
Medication name May be generic name or brand name (as appropriate). 1 ONLY Choice of • Text • Coded text (needs to be GS1 code mapped to DM+D)– constraint: MedicationName. Any AMP/VMP/VTM/AMPP/VMPP subsets from the dm+d terminology. NHS dm+d AMP ::352201000001139 NHS dm+d AMPP ::352401000001135 NHS dm+d VMP ::352701000001133 NHS dm+d VMPP ::352601000001138. Constraint binding: [dm+d]subset=NHS_dm+d Mandatory MedicationStatement.medicationReference.Medication.code
Form E.g. capsule, drops, tablet, lotion etc. 0 TO 1 Choice of • Text • Coded text – constraint: DrugDoseForm. SNOMED CT CfH DoseForm termset. Any descendant of 421967003 - drug dose form. Constraint binding: [SNOMED CT]subset=CfH DoseForm Required MedicationStatement.medicationReference.Medication.form
Route Medication administration description (oral, IM, IV, etc.): may include method of administration, (e.g., by infusion, via nebuliser, via NG tube). 0 TO MANY • Coded text – constraint: NHS e-prescribing route of administration subset ID: 413001000001136 Original Id : 30201000001137 This is an extract from the SUBSET -BiAnnual-Drug-15.0.1-20130401: SnomedCT_GB1000001_20130401/Subsets/EPrescribing/NHS e-Prescribing route of administration subset. Constraint binding: [SNOMED-CT]subset=NHS e-Prescribing route of administration subset Required MedicationStatement.dosage.route
Indication Reason for medication being prescribed, where known. 0 TO 1 This will be free text or SNOMED CT subset Required MedicationStatement.reasonCode
Dose directions description A single plain text phrase describing the entire medication dosage and administration directions including dose quantity and medication frequency. Comment, e.g., “1 tablet at night or “2mg at 10pm”. This is the form of dosage direction text normally available from UK GP Systems. 0 TO 1 Free text Required MedicationStatement.dosage.text
Matters identified during the discussion Matters identified during the service about the patient’s experience of using the medication. To include e.g., patient using/not using the medicine as prescribed, patient reports side effects, patient reports negative feelings about the medication etc. 1 TO MANY Coded text using the following descriptors: a. patient reports using the medicine as prescribed b. patient reports not using the medicine as prescribed i. patient has not started using the medicine ii. prescriber has stopped new medicine iii. patient is not using the medicine in line with the directions of the prescriber iv. patient reports missing a dose in the past 7 days c. patient reports need for more information about the medicine d. patient reports side effects e. patient reports negative feelings about the medicine f. patient reports uncertainty on whether the medicine is working g. patient reports concern about remembering to take the medicine h. patient reports difficulty using the medicine due to its pharmaceutical form/formulation i. other - free text option Mandatory Composition.section.text

Example Medications and Medical Devices Section

		<title value="Medications and medical devices"/>
				<system value=""/>
				<code value="933361000000108"/>
				<display value="Medications and medical devices"/>
		<status value="additional"/>
		<div xmlns="">
		<table width="100%">
					<th>Medication name</th>
					<td>BD Viva hypodermic insulin needles for pre-filled / reusable pen injectors screw on 5mm/31gauge (Becton, Dickinson UK Ltd)</td>
					<td>Reason for medication being prescribed, where known.</td>
					<th>Dose directions description</th>
					<td>I tablet at night" or "20mg at 10pm</td>
					<th>Matters identified during the discussion</th>
					<td>patient reports need for more information about the medicine</td>
		<!--reference to further information carried in the medication dispense list resource-->
			<reference value="urn:uuid:4bc7faea-5974-407a-b658-d6ed1d4c9187"/>

Coded Resources

This text section should be linked to the following FHIR Resources to provide the textual information in a coded format.

  • List
  • MedicationDispense
  • Medication

See constructing clinical coded structures - Medication Dispense List

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