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GP Practice Section

Gives information about the GP Practice section

GP Practice Section Content

The GP practice section contains details of the patients GP practice. PRSB Elements should be formatted as subheadings in any HTML sent.

GP PRACTICE          
Data Item Description Cardinality Values Mandatory/required/ optional FHIR Target
GP practice identifier The identifier of the registered GP practice. 1 ONLY This should be the Organisation Data Services (ODS) identifier for the practice (not displayed in the message). This includes codes to use where there is no registered GP practice. Mandatory Organization.identifier
GP Practice The name, full address including postcode of the Patient’s GP surgery where the patient for whom the referral is being made, is registered as a patient. 0..1   Required Details of the GP Practice should populate Composition.section.text and Organisation (linked from Patient via generalPractitioner > Organization)

Example GP Practice Section

<!-- GP Practice-->
		<title value="GP practice"/>
					<system value=""/>
					<code value="886711000000101"/>
					<display value="GP practice"/>
			<status value="additional"/>
			<div xmlns="">
			<table width="100%">
					<th>GP practice identifier</th>
						<p>ODS Organization Code:GP123456</p>
		<!--Reference to the Organisation entry as the source of information for this section-->
			<reference value="urn:uuid:94ca030c-03aa-4dae-8270-c2de2b7907ef"/>
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