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Vaccinations Section

Gives information about the vaccinations section

Vaccinations Section Content

The vaccinations section carries information about the vaccinations administered. PRSB Elements should be formatted as subheadings in any HTML sent.

Data Item Description Cardinality Values Mandatory/required/ optional FHIR Target
Vaccine product Vaccine product administered. 1 ONLY Choice of • Text • Coded text - constraint: MedicationName. Any AMP/VMP/VTM/AMPP/VMPP subsets from the dm+d terminology. NHS dm+d AMP ::352201000001139 NHS dm+d AMPP ::352401000001135 NHS dm+d VMP ::352701000001133 NHS dm+d VMPP ::352301000001131 NHS dm+d VTM ::352601000001138. Constraint binding: [dm+d]subset=NHS_dm+d (In the future needs to be GS1 code mapped to dm+d) Mandatory Immunization.vaccineCode
Vaccine procedure The vaccination that was given e.g. seasonal influenza vaccination. 1 ONLY For seasonal flu vaccinations the following coded text should be used: 955691000000108 - Seasonal influenza vaccination given by pharmacist (situation) - Note that 849211000000109 - seasonal influenza vaccination given by pharmacist (finding) - in the NHSE service specification was made inactive in April 2015 and was replaced by the concept above. The CareConnect-VaccinationProcedure-1 ValueSet covers immunisation procedures performed; immunisation procedure situations (vaccinations given, mostly by third parties) and immunisation procedures not done situations Mandatory Immunization.extension(vaccinationProcedure)
Manufacturer Name of vaccine manufacturer 0 TO 1 Derived from GS1 code/free text Required Immunization.manufacturer
Site Body site vaccine was administered into. 0 TO 1 Choice of • Text • Coded text – constraint: SiteOfMedicationAdministration. Any valid site for the administration of a medication. Constraint binding: [SNOMED-CT]subset= SiteOfMedicationAdministration Required
Route How vaccine entered the body. 0 TO 1 • Coded text – constraint: NHS e-prescribing route of administration subset ID: 413001000001136 Original Id : 30201000001137 This is an extract from the SUBSET -BiAnnual-Drug-15.0.1-20130401: SnomedCT_GB1000001_20130401/Subsets/EPrescribing/NHS e-Prescribing route of administration subset. Constraint binding: [SNOMED-CT]subset=NHS e-Prescribing route of administration subset. Required Immunization.route
Indication The clinical indication or reason for administering the vaccine. 0 TO 1 This will be free text/proposal to use the list from below (as an example list) Routine mass immunisation 171279008-Immunization due (finding)- Travel to endemic area 414448007-Identified as high risk for travel immunization (finding)- Planned travel to high risk area 161096004-Going to travel abroad (finding)- Recent travel to high risk area 506931000000109-Recent travel to disease affected area (finding)- Subpopulation at special or unusual risk 78648007-At risk for infection (finding)- High risk due to occupation 14679004 Occupation (occupation) High risk due to lifestyle 134436002-Lifestyle (finding)- High risk due to existing medical condition 398192003-Co-morbid conditions (finding)- Control of known sporadic outbreak 443684005-Disease outbreak (event)- Patient request 183995001-Patient requested procedure (situation)- Post-exposure prophyaxis 444107005-Exposure to communicable disease (event)- Other 723620004-Requires vaccination (finding) Optional Immunization.explanation.reason
Dose amount Amount of vaccine administered. 0 TO 1 This will be free text. Coded units of measure (from DM+D) Required Immunization.doseQuantity
Date/time The date/time on which the vaccine was administered. 0 TO 1 The date/time as recorded by the pharmacy system. Required

Example Vaccinations Section

		<title value="Vaccinations"/>
				<system value=""/>
				<code value="1102181000000102"/>
				<display value="Immunisations"/>
		<status value="additional"/>
		<div xmlns="">
		<table width="100%">
				<th>Vaccine product</th>
				<td>The vaccination product that was given. e.g. Influvac sub-unit Tetra vaccine suspension for injection 0.5ml pre-filled syringes</td>
				<th>Vaccine procedure</th>
				<td>The vaccination procedure that was followed e.g. Seasonal influenza vaccination given by pharmacist.</td>
				<td>Name of vaccine manufacturer</td>
				<td>Upper right arm<</td>
				<td>Subcutaneous route</td>
				<td>Patient requested procedure.</td>
				<th>Dose amount</th>
				<td>Amount of vaccine administered.</td>
				<td>9-May-2018 10:00</td>
			<reference value="urn:uuid:631ec8d3-6341-4c9e-b2a1-131af62718f2"/>

Coded Resources

This text section should be linked to the following FHIR Resources to provide the textual information in a coded format.

  • Immunization
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