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Release Notes

Summary release notes of the versions of the FHIR Dose Syntax Implementation Guidance



  • Use of STU3 Dosage structure within CareConnect profiled resources
  • Worked examples using the CareConnect-MedicationRequest-1 profiled resource
  • Guidance (experimental) for converting a dose-based (VTM) instruction into an appropriate short list of (VMP/AMP) products
  • Guidance (experimental) for creating a human readable string from the FHIR Dosage elements


The following will be added to future versions of this implementation guidance.

  • Guidance for converting existing prescription content (e.g. an order sentence) within an existing prescribing system into a FHIR Dosage instruction
  • Guidance for creating patient focussed dosage instructions when converting from a dose-based to product-based instruction

Version History


  • updated external links to the AWS demonstrator with links to the demonstrator and associated API documentation provided by the North of England Commissioning Support Unit


  • review comment clarifications
  • clarification of use of UCUM units of measure versus SNOMED CT units of measure and presentation
  • clarification of use of SNOMED synonyms
  • clarification of use of additionalInstruction, patientInstruction, text
  • rearrange examples to illustrate standar use of dose syntax, use of additionalInstruction, use of patientInstruction
  • additional example of use of Medication not in dm+d (2nd Glucose 5% infusion example)


  • Reorganisation of content to foreground Dose Syntax versus background Medicines context
  • Examples rework to conform to CareConnect medication profiling
  • Dose to Product & CareConnect Text Narrative moved to appendix pending scoping decisions


  • ‘Dose to Product Translation’ section added


  • ‘CareConnect Resources’ section updated
    • Where a specific Trade Family (i.e brand name) is to be specified, an AMP concept must be used until a FHIR profiled resource can support a coded Trade Family concept.
    • Guidance and example for use of medicationDispense.quantity added.
  • ‘Dosage Structure’ section updated
    • Moved the Dosage.asNeeded[x] guidance it it’s own section.
    • New section for the Dosage.maxDosePer[x] structure.
    • Updated the ‘additionalInstructions, patientInstructions’ section to include a note on using coded concepts that relate to specific dosing timing instructions.
    • Change to use of Dosage.text and inclusion of Dosage.timing.code
    • Updated the ‘Dosage doseQuantity, frequency, period’ section to include guidance on doseRange.
  • ‘CareConnect Text Narrative’ section added
  • Fixed bugs within some of the worked FHIR XML examples
  • Additional FHIR XML examples to highlight difference between dose-based and product-based instructions.
  • Some examples removed where these covered duplicate aspects of the Dosage structure.


First version published.

Tags: overview

All content is available under the Open Government Licence v3.0, except where otherwise stated