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Dosage site, route and method

Use of Dosage site, route and method

Site, Route and Method

Three simple coded data items that can define the site, route or method for the medication instruction.


Any site can be used from the SNOMED-CT hierarchy as a descendant of the concept 123037004 Body structure (body structure).


Any route can be used from the SNOMED-CT hierarchy as a descendant of the concept 284009009 Route of administration value (qualifier value).


The 999000041000001103 ePrescribing method simple reference set (foundation metadata concept) reference set collates the commonly used terms for method for use in the United Kingdom.

Whilst a FHIR value-set for method does exist, together with two separate hierarchies within SNOMED-CT (Dose form administration method and Dosing instruction fragment), it is recommended to use the ePrescribing reference set in the first instance.

Use of Synonyms

In most instances it is anticipated that the UK Preferred term should be the term applied to SNOMED CT concepts However for some cases, for example the anatomically correct SNOMED-CT term may not be easily understood by the patient or clinician, the use of a synonym may be preferred. Guidance for using terms that are not preferred terms is available within the published document Guidance on the use of CodeableConcept.

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