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How medication and dosage instructions are defined within the CareConnect-MedicationDispense-1 profiled resource

The CareConnect-MedicationDispense-1 structure definition contains a number of elements that are out of scope for this implementation guidance. Only those elements relevant to convey a medication dispense with a structured dosage instruction are in scope of this guidance.

  • medicationReference
  • quantity
  • text
  • dosageInstruction

A complete and fit-for-purpose CareConnect-MedicationDispense-1 example would need additional elements populated, for example a reference to the patient within subject and a reference to the prescriber within performer.


See Overview.


The dispensed quantity as a simple quantity and coded unit of measure. Any unit of measure can be used from the SNOMED-CT hierarchy as a descendant of 767524001 Unit of measure (qualifier value). Most, but not all units relevant to medication dosage instructions, are contained within the hierarchy as a descendant of 732935002 Unit of presentation (unit of presentation).


See CareConnect Text Narrative.


See Dosage Structure.

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