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Error handling

Error handling details for the Send Federated Consultation Report use case

The following section describes error scenarios and associated error codes for this messaging use case.

ITK3 errors

GPCM-SD-065 where the received message does not conform to the requirements stated for ITK3 header, or for the payload, the message MUST be considered invalid
GPCM-SD-066 where a received message is invalid, an ITK3 Response MUST be generated, with the corresponding Negative ITK3 Response Code which indicates the nature of the error, and the message MUST NOT be accepted for downstream processing

Details are given below of the ITK3 Negative Response which is used per error scenario:

ITK3 Header errors

GPCM-SD-067 mandated element not present (BusAck, InfAck, RecipientType, Priority, SenderReference, MessageDefinition, Timestamp, Event) - response code 10008 MUST be used
GPCM-SD-068 InfAck element not set to true - response code 10002 MUST be used
GPCM-SD-069 BusAck element not set to true - response code 10003 MUST be used
GPCM-SD-070 RecipientType element not set to FA - response code 10010 MUST be used
GPCM-SD-071 Priority element not set to routine - response code 10006 MUST be used
GPCM-SD-072 Event element not set to ITK007C - response code 10008 MUST be used

ITK3 Payload business rules errors

GPCM-SD-073 Payload content business rule violated - response code 10008 MUST be used

Diagnostic information

GPCM-SD-074 error context and description MUST be provided in the OperationOutcome.diagnostic element to enable the sender to correctly identify the error which has been found in their sent message

Errors from MESH Endpoint Lookup

The following table describes error codes returned from the MESH server as a result of issues encountered using the facility to route a message automatically to the registered practice.

GPCM-SD-075 the following errors, when encountered, MUST be handled gracefully by the message sending system
Status Code MESH Error Code Description
EPL-150 ERROR_TOO_MANY_MAILBOX_MATCHES Multiple mailboxes matches
EPL-151 ERROR_NO_MAILBOX_MATCHES No mailbox matched
EPL-154 ERROR_NO_DEMOGRAPHICS_MATCH NHS Number supplied does not match the demographics

MESH will generate these errors in the form of error reports which will be placed in the sender’s mailbox to await collection and processing by the sending organisation.

MESH API errors

Please note that, when using the MESH API to send a message, errors encountered when using the automated registered practice routing will not be returned in the API response header or payload, but via a MESH error report .CTL file placed in the sending organisation MESH mailbox.

For example, where an invalid NHS Number has been supplied in the Mex_To HTTP header, an error report .CTL file will be returned with a <StatusRecord> section which provides error details as follows:

    <Description>Invalid NHS Number</Description>
GPCM-SD-094 where a federated consultation report is not successfully received/managed by the message receiver, the sender system MUST inform an appropriate person
GPCM-SD-095 where either the infrastructure or business acknowledgements, or both, are not received for a federated consultation report, the sender system MUST inform an appropriate person

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