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Message example

Send Federated Consultation Report - example message.

The message given below arises from the following fictional scenario:

Mr Richard Smith has attended an out-of-hours appointment at Cumbria Starling Medical Centre where he saw Dr Pritchard. His registered practice, Osprey Medical Centre is part of a federation which includes Starling, and the federation has set up a rotating out-of-hours evening surgery which runs one night per week. This week’s out-of-hours appointments were provided by Starling.

After the consultation, the clinical system used by Cumbria Starling Medical Centre sends a message to the clinical system used by Osprey with details of the consultation, in order that Mr Smith’s care record is updated.

Message example

The following FHIR Message would be present as the .DAT file which is sent by the MESH client (or in the body of the HTTP response when downloading a message from the MESH API)

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