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National Failsafe Alert

The FHIR profiles used for the National Failsafe Alert event message bundle

FHIR Profiles

The Failsafe Alert event message bundle is expected to include a combination of the following resources to support the event header and data item requirements:

National Failsafe Alert Event Message Bundle

Data item requirements

The data item requirements are expected to be fulfilled as below:

Failsafe Alert data item FHIR profile FHIR element Mandatory/Required/Optional Notes
Alerter CareConnect-Organization-1   Mandatory  
Date and Time raised EMS-FailsafeAlert-Task-1 authoredOn Mandatory  
Severity Level EMS-FailsafeAlert-Task-1 severityLevel Mandatory  
Escalation level EMS-FailsafeAlert-Task-1 escalationLevel Mandatory  
Family Name CareConnect-EMS-Patient-1 Mandatory  
First Given Name CareConnect-EMS-Patient-1 name.given Mandatory  
Person Birth Date CareConnect-EMS-Patient-1 birthDate Mandatory  
NHS Number CareConnect-EMS-Patient-1 identifier using nhsNumber slice Mandatory  
Gender CareConnect-EMS-Patient-1 gender Mandatory  
Post Code CareConnect-EMS-Patient-1 address.postalCode Mandatory  
GP Practice CareConnect-EMS-Patient-1 generalPractitioner Required  
Condition ID EMS-FailsafeAlert-Task-1 task.reason Required  
Condition Description EMS-FailsafeAlert-Task-1 task.reason.display Required  
Reason for alert EMS-FailsafeAlert-Task-1 task.reason.display Required  
Service needed to action EMS-FailsafeAlert-Task-1 task.performerType Required  
Provider needed to action EMS-FailsafeAlert-Task-1 task.owner Required  
Action Required EMS-FailsafeAlert-Task-1 task.code Required  
Action Required by Date EMS-FailsafeAlert-Task-1 task.restriction.period.end Optional  
Readable Format n/a n/a Mandatory All of the information above in a non-FHIR readable text format
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