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Entities | Healthcare Service

The details of a healthcare service available at a location.

0. References to FHIR Profiles

1. Key FHIR Elements

The following FHIR elements have been identified as key to the implementation:

Element Cardinality Description Example value(s)
HealthcareService.providedBy1..1Organization that provides this serviceReference (Organization)
HealthcareService.location0..1Location(s) where service may be providedReference (Location)
HealthcareService.name1..1Description of service as presented to a consumer while searchingCambridge Urgent Treatment Centre
HealthcareService.comment0..1Additional description and/or any specific issues not covered elsewhereUsed to be known as Cambridge Minor Injuries Unit
HealthcareService.telecom0..1Contacts related to the healthcare servicephone: 01132333444

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