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FHIR® resources overview

List of FHIR resource profiles used in the Access Record Structured capability pack


The following profiled STU3 FHIR® resources are used in this capability pack:



  • Patient
  • Organization
  • PractitionerRole
  • Practitioner
  • Location


CodeableConcept and common code and identifier systems

Population of CodeableConcept

The CodeableConcept data type is used throughout this capability and the following guidance SHALL be followed in order to ensure consistent representation of coded data:

Common code systems

The following common code systems are used when populating CodeableConcept.coding.system in resources for this capability:

Name Code system
Read codes V2
Read codes CTV3
EMIS drug codes
Egton codes
Multilex drug codes
Resip UK Gemscript drug codes

Common identifier systems

The following common identifier systems are used when populating Identifier.system in resources for this capability:

Name Identifier system
NHS number
ODS organisation code
ODS site code
SDS user ID
SDS role profile ID
General Medical Council (GMC) number
General Practitioner (GMP) number
Cross care setting identifier

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