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Interaction IDs

A list of GP Connect API interaction IDs

GP Connect Interaction ID naming policy

All interaction IDs are expected to follow the following format urn:nhs:names:services:[program]:[standard]:[mechanism]:[operation]:[subject]

  • Program = gpconnect
  • Standard = fhir
  • Mechanism = [ rest, operation ]
    • rest for RESTful API interactions
    • operation for custom Operation API interactions
  • Operation
    • RESTful style = [ create, read, update, delete, search ] + any more specific actions (for example, cancel)
    • Extended operation = [ gpc.getcarerecord]
  • Subject = [ resourceType, operationName ]
    • Resource Type is the name of a FHIR resource, such as Patient, Appointment, Organization
    • Operation Name is the name of a extended operation, such as gpc.getcarerecord

List of Interaction IDs

Foundations interactions

Operation InteractionID
Read metadata urn:nhs:names:services:gpconnect:fhir:rest:read:metadata

Access Record HTML interactions

Operation InteractionID
Get Care Record urn:nhs:names:services:gpconnect:fhir:operation:gpc.getcarerecord

Access Record Structured and Appointment Management interactions

Access Record Structured and Appointment Management interactions are not available at this specification version. Please refer to the GP Connect specifications page for more information.

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