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Interoperability Toolkit (ITK)

The Interoperability Toolkit (ITK) is a set of common specifications, frameworks and implementation guides to support interoperability within local organisations and across local health and social care communities. The ITK is not a piece of software; it is not a product which is downloadable from this website.

The ITK is targeted at reducing the complexity and therefore expenditure by introducing a unified specification for system interoperability within the English NHS.

By publishing a series of common specifications and then by policing the deployment of those specifications through the ITK Conformance scheme, the ITK will bring a level of standardisation to the market.

From the outset ITK has been focussed on the business needs of the front-line NHS. The specifications have been developed as a result of consultation with local NHS ICT Directors and engagement with representatives of the clinical community. Only projects which are of direct and measurable benefit to the NHS front line are considered for inclusion in the ITK.

ITK Screencasts:

ITK Overview 2015

Useful Conformance Guidance:

ITK Conformance Overview 2015

ITK Spine Mini Services Assurance

Useful Development Resources:

Anatomy of an ITK Message over SOAP

ITK Distribution Envelope in relation to ITK Transports

Acknowledgement Framework Sequence Diagram used for all clinical correspondence (HL7 CDA)

Reference Implementation – Samples