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NRLS TKW Simulator Guide (SVN: 748)


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NRLS TKW Simulator Triggers


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NRLS FHIR® API Testbench (1.2.1-beta)


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The TKW NRLS FHIR® API Testbench has been developed to assist organisations who wish to obtain simulated responses for NRLS API Calls

*Please note installation of JRE 1.8.0 or later is a pre-requisite for use of this tool

Item Description
NRLS FHIR® API Testbench (1.2.1-beta) Official NHS Digital Solution Assurance NRLS development and conformance test tooling
NRLS TKW Simulator Guide NRLS TKW Simulator Guide (SVN: 748)
NRLS TKW Simulator Triggers NRLS TKW Simulator Triggers