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ClearWaterWatcher Testing

By Connecting for Health | 2012

You can test an installation of ClearWaterWatcher using the system test downloads provided here.

First download the test cases spreadsheet. This contains a list of test cases to run and their expected results.

You then need to download the test data. This is a Zip file containing a number of test Urgent Care Clinical Dashboard DTS data files (.DAT files) and their associated control files (*.CTL files). Note as ClearWaterWatcher does not process control files, the test ones provided are simply empty dummy files.

It is suggested you create the following folder structure for testing:





Unzip the contents of the  test data file in TESTING.

Configure ClearWaterWatcher to use the INPUT, SUCCESS and FAILURE sub-folders (see configuring ClearWaterWatcher). Note that you need to stop and start ClearWaterWatcher after any configuration changes (see using ClearWaterWatcher).

Run the test cases documented in the test cases spreadsheet. These will involve you in:

  • Changing configuration items
  • Moving DAT and CTL files into the INPUT folder
  • Looking at windows event logs
  • Looking at received emails
  • Looking at the contents of the SUCCESS and FAILURE folders
  • Looking at the contents of the ClearWater database staging tables