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NHSmail APIs


These pages provide guidance on how to configure local mail-enabled applications with NHSmail. They provide information on connection settings over various types of network, considerations that must be taken into account when setting up an application, examples, and frequently asked questions.

They also detail the APIs that can be used and the functionality offered by each. This guidance focuses only on native Microsoft APIs for Exchange and Skype for Business, which are currently the only published NHSmail APIs.

About NHSmail

NHSmail is a national secure collaboration service for health and social care designed to enable the secure exchange of information by email and other methods such as Skype for Business. The NHSmail service is available through two primary networks:

  • The Transition Network (formerly known as N3) / HSCN
  • The Internet

To comply with Information Governance rules, applications developed against NHSmail must be deployed on the Transition Network / HSCN. Please note if an automated system is connected to NHSmail over the Internet, the accounts may be disabled without notification.

The protocols that are available over the Transition Network / HSCN (and not over the Internet) for use with NHSmail and applications are as follows:

  • POP
  • IMAP
  • SMTP


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