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EPS Prescribing System – Minimum Viable Product

This page provides the specification for a minimal EPS Prescribing system. This is being developed in the first instance to allow urgent and emergency care systems to generate EPS prescriptions, but could also be introduced to other settings. The specification documents below provide baseline functionality to which more functionality can be added within supplementary specifications.

MVP Functional Scope

The prescribing specification has been reduced to provide minimal functionality, ruling the following out of scope:

  • Repeat Dispensing prescriptions
  • Repeat Prescribing prescriptions
  • Delayed prescribing
  • Routine prescriptions
  • Nomination update
  • EPS Release 1
  • Patient consent flags
  • Non nominated prescriptions
  • EPS implementation phase modes
  • Post-dated prescriptions
  • DMS 3.3.0 prescription messaging
  • Repeat lists
  • Cancellation on deduction
  • Personal Administration
  • Protocol supply
  • Bulk signing
  • Single item cancellation

The functional requirements in scope are therefore;

  • Acute (one-off) prescriptions
  • Advanced electronic signatures
  • One-off nomination
  • Update of local patient demographic record with information from Spine Demographics
  • Dictionary of Medicines and Devices (dm+d)
  • Prescription cancellation
  • Prescription token printing
  • Reporting and information requirements

Specification Development

Some of the documents below are in draft form or are unapproved and are published for consultation; these should not be used to develop against. A more formal change control process will be documented in the near future.

Specification Documents

Document titleDocument referencePublication dateDocument typeStatus
NHS Dictionary of Medicines and Devices Compliance Requirement [255.69Kb]NPFIT-ETP-ECAP-0004.0231 October 2011RSFinal
RBAC Implementation Guidance for the EPS R2 [181.45Kb]NPFIT-ETP-EIM-0110.1415 July 2010GFinal
IG RBAC Control Names and Codes database V27.2 2012_11_13 [3Mb]NRD27.2-0512 5 April 2012RSFinal
Guidance for EndorsementMay 2015RSFinal
Electronic Prescription Service Release 2 Clinical Assurance [262.04Kb]NPFIT-ETP-ECAP-0002.0118 Jun 2008GOutdated: New version to follow.
dm+d Implementation Guide (Primary Care)GFinal
EPS DoS API: Nomination RSIn development
Digital Signature Toolkit Guidance [4.79Mb]NPFIT-ETP-EDB-0104.0313 Sept 2007GFinal.
Updated version in development
EPS Infrastructure Specification [79.81Kb]NPFIT-ETP-EDB-0278.0318 May 2007TSFinal
Message Implementation Manual (MIM 4.2.00)NPFIT-FNT-TO-DPM-0602.0331 Oct 2006RSFinal
EPS Prescription Token Specification [369.26Kb]NPFIT-ETP-EDB-0027.1829 July 2008RSFinal
ETP Message Signing Requirements [58.39Kb]NPFIT-ETP-EDB-0064.1031 July 2007RSFinal
Digital Signature and Non Repudiation [264.87Kb]NPFIT-FNT-TO-IG-0019.08July 2007GFinal.
Updated version in development
CC API for ETP suppliers[19.96Mb]NPFIT-FNT-TO-TIN-0453.0111 Nov 2005RSFinal.
Updated version in development
EPS Prescribing System – Minimum Viable Product – Functional Requirementsv1.416 Feb 2018RSFinal
EPS Prescribing System – Minimum Viable Product – Non Functional Requirementsv0.426 Jan 2018RSDraft