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Electronic Prescription Service (EPS)

Requirements for prescribing and dispensing systems integrating with the Electronic Prescription Service are listed below. These are the requirements for the EPS components only and systems will need to meet wider NHS Spine integration requirements, including Spine Demographics,  Spine Messaging, Spine Directory Service and Spine Security Broker. Systems may also need to meet nonfunctional requirements listed in any agreement with NHS Digital.

Some of the documents relate only to prescribing or dispensing systems, others are common to both.

Read the EPS integration walk through learning article to understand how to digest all these documents.

Document titleDocument referencePublication dateDocument typeScope
EPS Domain Message Specification v3.4.027 Nov 2015RSCommon
EPS Schedule 2 & 3 Controlled Drugs Requirements [308.72Kb]N/A4 June 2015RSCommon
NHS Dictionary of Medicines and Devices Compliance Requirement [255.69Kb]NPFIT-ETP-ECAP-0004.0231 October 2011RSCommon
RBAC Implementation Guidance for the EPS R2 [181.45Kb]NPFIT-ETP-EIM-0110.1415 July 2010GCommon
IG RBAC Control Names and Codes database V27.2 2012_11_13 [3Mb]NRD27.2-0512 5 April 2012RSCommon
Guidance for EndorsementMay 2015GCommon
Electronic Prescription Service Release 2 Clinical Assurance [262.04Kb]NPFIT-ETP-ECAP-0002.0118 Jun 2008GCommon
dm+d Implementation Guide (Primary Care)GCommon
Nomination Requirements for System Suppliers [300Kb]NPFIT-ETP-EDB-0280 24 Nov 2017 RSCommon
EPS R2 Training and Guidance Strategy [418.45Kb]NPFIT-ETP-BUS-0017.0202 Oct 2007GCommon
Digital Signature Toolkit Guidance [4.79Mb]NPFIT-ETP-EDB-0104.0313 Sept 2007GCommon
ETP Web Services Client source code [1.84Mb]NPFIT-ETP-EDB-0301.0107 Aug 2007GCommon
MiM 3.1.07 & 4.2.00 Compatibility Guidance [143.4Kb]NPFIT-ETP-EDB-0103.0731 July 2007GCommon
EPS Infrastructure Specification [79.81Kb]NPFIT-ETP-EDB-0278.0318 May 2007TSCommon
Message Implementation Manual (MIM 4.2.00)NPFIT-FNT-TO-DPM-0602.0331 Oct 2006RSCommon
Native use of dm+d Definition [125.93Kb]NPFIT-FNT-TO-DSD-0083.01 25 Oct 2006 GCommon
Message Implementation Manual (MIM 3.1.07)NPFIT-FNT-TO-DPM-0284.0129 Oct 2004RSCommon
EPS Prescribing Systems Compliance Specification [1.31Mb]NPFIT-ETP-EDB-0025 v6.1115 Oct 2018RSPrescribing Systems
EPS Prescribing Systems Compliance Specification - PREVIOUS VERSION [1.44Mb]NPFIT-ETP-EDB-0025 v6.1003 June 2016RSPrescribing Systems
EPS Prescription Token Specification [369.26Kb]NPFIT-ETP-EDB-0027.1829 July 2008RSPrescribing Systems
ETP Message Signing Requirements [58.39Kb]NPFIT-ETP-EDB-0064.1031 July 2007RSPrescribing Systems
Digital Signature and Non Repudiation [264.87Kb]NPFIT-FNT-TO-IG-0019.08July 2007GPrescribing Systems
CC API for ETP suppliers[19.96Mb]NPFIT-FNT-TO-TIN-0453.0111 Nov 2005RSPrescribing Systems
Dispensing Systems Compliance Specification [1.4Mb]NPFIT-ETP-EDB-0024.2912 Aug 2015RSDispensing Systems
EPS Dispensing Token Specification [294Kb]NPFIT-ETP-EDB-0080.1415 Oct 2018RSDispensing Systems


  • RS: Requirements specification
  • G: Guidance document
  • TS: Technical supplement