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Contribution Policy

The ciao project is a fully open development project, so contributions from companies and individuals are always welcome.

There are many ways you can get involved and help shape ciao:

Identifying new Use-Cases

If you have an integration / interoperability problem which ciao could help solve, please let us know!

We have a discussion forum on the NHS Developer network where you can suggest use-cases, and discuss them with others. The ciao team at HSCIC will review this forum, contribute to the discussions, and may well get in touch to discuss your ideas further.

Helping Improve the Documentation

If you are interested in developing tutorials, guides, or other supporting resources which can be shared with the ciao community, we would be keen to discuss this with you. Please add a comment on the ciao forum with some details of what you would like to contribute and we will get in touch.

Reporting a bug or problem

You can raise bugs in our online issue tracker. The link to the issue tracker will be published here once the initial version of ciao is released.

Working on the code

All the code is available on github – to get a copy of the latest ciao code, head over to the ciao github repository.

Creating patches

If you find a bug and want to fix it yourself, or want to contribute small changes or enhancements to the ciao code, you can do this by creating a patch and submitting that for inclusion.

Most IDEs can create patches. e.g. in Eclipse just right click on a file/directory and select Team -> Create Patch. Then just save the patch as a file submit it. Alternatively, using the command line:

diff -u >> patchfile.txt

The best way to submit the patch is to zip it and attach it to the appropriate issue in the issue tracker. The ciao team can then pick this up and incorporate it into the core ciao codebase.

Creating a Pull Request

If you have a github account you can fork the ciao code into your own repository to work on new features. Once you have developed and tested your features, you can raise a pull request, and the ciao team will review your code and (once it is agreed) incorporate it back into the main ciao code. You can read an introductory article about this process here.