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About CIAO

HSCIC | 18 June 2015

Introducing the open source Care Integration and Orchestration platform

What is ciao?

  • ciao is a free open source software platform that allows care ICT systems to route, transform and work flow information between themselves and national care services
  • ciao is a library of free open source pre-built and tested Care Integration Patterns (CIP) installable in the platform for specific routing, transformation and work flow tasks
  • ciao is a suite of pre-configured “ciao integrations” that compose relevant CIPs and can easily be deployed to support specific business use-cases
  • ciao is a development kit providing guidance, profiles and tools for developing new CIPs for the platform
  • ciao is a community for platform users and CIP developers
  • ciao is a business model for companies to offer CIP development, platform hosting and support

What is it not?

  • ciao is not a nationally hosted solution – implementers would be expected to host and support the solution, or work with 3rd party organisations to provide these services.

Who is involved?

  • The HSCIC is leading the development of ciao as part of the newly formed HSCIC innovation hub
  • We will engage with a range of business ambassadors from a range of health and care services to identify requirements for ciao functionality
  • We will work closely with an NHS Business Visionary to drive the prioritisation of ciao functionality
  • We will foster an open community through the NHS Developer network, and welcome external contributions

The need for ciao

  • National strategy for patient centric care
  • Need to connect and share care information between and from multiple care providers
  • Landscape of distributed, autonomous and multi-standard care ICT systems
  • Need for system integration (middleware) technology to “connect any”
  • Cost, time and skill barriers to using both commercial and open source middleware products and frameworks

ciao integrations

ciao integrations provide a pre-bundled set of CIPs to solve specific business problems.

  • eDischarge: The first ciao integration being developed is the eDischarge CIP, which will support the new Transfer of Care initiative, which aims to move away from paper discharge summaries from acutes to GPs and replace them with structured electronic messaging. Click here for more details about this ciao integration.

ciao goals

  • Accelerate by:
    • Package as a product and appliance
    • Easy install, configuration and management
    • Out of the box common CIPs
    • Development kit for new CIPs
    • Publishing reference implementation
  • Commoditise by:
    • Free open source platform and CIPs
    • Community support for use and development
    • Enterprise class resilience and scalability
    • SME opportunities for run, support and development
  • Evolve by:
    • Moving from integration technology to integration patterns
    • Moving from static to dynamic integration behaviours
    • Building, seeding and curating a care integration ecology
    • Supporting national interoperability standards

ciao “under the hood”


ciao technology “gallery”

activemq camel docker hawtio java servicemixtika

  • Build using Java under an Apache 2.0 license
  • All code published on Github and made available via Maven Central
  • Core “ESB” functionality provided by Apache Camel
  • Message queueing using Apache Active MQ
  • Use of Docker to allow individual CIPs to be deployed as microservices
  • Monitoring of running CIPs using Hawtio
  • Also support deployment of CIPs into an OSGi container (Apache Service Mix)

Note: The specific technologies used are likely to evolve and change during development of each ciao integration.

ciao plan

  • 2014 Q4 – 2015 Q1
    • Establish “visionary” group
    • Roadmap common CIPs
    • Architect platform
    • Architect CIP
    • Architect development kit
  • 2015 Q1 – 2015 Q4
    • Platform “Garganelli“ initial release
    • Common CIPs initial release
    • Community inception
    • Development kit initial release
    • Early adopters
  • 2016 Q1 – 2016 Q3
    • Platform “Rigatoni“ update release
    • Common CIPs update release
    • Development kit update release
    • Curate community

Getting involved

We are keen to work with anyone who is interested in contributing to ciao, either by developing CIPs, or by proposing interoperability problems that ciao could address to meet needs in local health and care services.

See the contribution policy for more details and get involved via the CIAO Forum.