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CIAO: Care Integration and Orchestration

HSCIC | 20 October 2015

NOTE: CIAO is no longer being developed. It is still available for others to use if they wish, but there are no current plans to develop it any further.

Connect your health and care apps with ciao

An open source, flexible middleware solution, with a catalogue of health and social care components for NHS systems and standards.

Care Integration And Orchestration – or CIAO for short, is an open-source suite of tools which can be deployed locally within health and social care organisations to “join up” data between local, regional and national systems, leveraging national systems and standards.

National Standards

Supports NHS National Standards and profiles, including HL7 Clinical Document Standards (CDA), Interoperability Toolkit (ITK), and the clinical record headings from the Professional Records Standards Body (PRSB).

Fully open source

All code is freely available on our Github page, under an Apache 2.0 Open Source license. CIAO is built entirely on existing, proven open source tools and libraries including Apache Camel, ActiveMQ, Docker, and many more.


Provides powerful transformation capabilities to allow you to work with your existing systems and data, whilst still complying with national interoperability standards.

Learning Resource

CIAO and it’s associated code libraries are openly available as a reference implementation for others to learn from, extend, or re-use to support adoption of national systems and standards.

Flexible Microservice Deployment

Using the latest microservice deployment technologies, CIAO can easily sit alongside existing systems, providing additional integration features without the need for replacing systems. Deployments can be tailored to any size of deployment, and scale flexibly with growing demand.

Access national services

Acts as a gateway to national services hosted on the Spine, with pre-accredited components minimising the work required to make use of national services within a local organisation.

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