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Information Sharing Patterns

Click Through

Pattern Description The Click-Through pattern can provide a simple mechanism for allowing a user to view the contents of another […]

Message Broker

Pattern Description   In order to simplify the process of connecting multiple systems to one-another a message broker (a.k.a. middleware […]


Pattern Description Allows clinicians to view information in a consistent user interface even though that information has been extracted from […]

Publish / Subscribe

Pattern Description   In many cases, the nature of the information sharing is event based – i.e. triggered by an […]

Registry Repository

Pattern Description     This is an evolution of the shared repository pattern in which the “registry” and “repository” components […]

Shared Repository

Pattern Description   In large organisations with multiple systems, a single shared repository is sometimes used to provide a central […]

Single Shared Application

Pattern Description In some local health communities, an existing centrally hosted clinical system is already in place and is used […]

Store and Notify

Pattern Description     When a new or updated piece of information (or document) is created, the Information Source sends the […]