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Playing with FHIR – TUT004 : Deleting a Patient Resource

In this tutorial we are going to build on what we learnt in the second tutorial and look at how we delete resources […]

Playing with FHIR – TUT003 : Creating a PATIENT Resource (via code)

This tutorial will show how the Patient resource created in https://developer.nhs.uk/learn/playing-with-fhir-tut002-creating-and-editing-a-patient/ can be created using the .NET FHIR API available from GitHub […]

Playing with FHIR – TUT002 : Creating a PATIENT Resource

For this tutorial we are going to go through the process of “creating”  resources on a FHIR based system. FHIR […]

Playing with FHIR – TUT001 : Getting ready for FHIR and REST

To get started we need to ensure that we have the correct software in place. We will be using the […]

Playing with FHIR – Introduction

This is the first in a series of tutorial posts that will show you how to make use of the various […]